My story behind it..


Hello and welcome to Trace-Less, Zero-Waste Shop in Torquay. I am Dana and I have been plotting the introduction of more sustainability in Torbay for some time. I have lived here for almost 14 years and consider this my home. In recent times, however, I feel like we have been losing touch with the connection to nature that many of us experienced so strongly as children. Like many of us, I was raised with an appreciation of the natural world and an awareness of the destructive consequences of human activities on our fragile ecosystem. Sadly, the world is run by beastly wolves and their monied interests, and so it is down to us to make the positive changes needed to create the sort of future we would like to see.

'Zero-waste’ may not mean exactly what it says on the tin, but it is certainly a movement towards

something better.

It is important to accept that the total elimination of waste- at least in today’s society- is practically impossible, and not necessarily the most sustainable way forward. Over the years, we’ve adopted some seriously bad habits in the way that we shop and consume goods to the point that we are flooding every available landfill with unrecyclable packaging and food waste.

But it's not all doom and gloom! 

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We all have an opportunity to get our waste as close to zero as we can. If we decide to go beyond our comfort zones and our usual habits, we can create a new normal with better habits that will not only bring us the gratification of knowing we’re doing our part but also setting a new standard for future generations, preserving our fragile ecosystems and slowing down climate change. We can together revolutionize the zero-waste movement by making simple steps to create a new path with changes to reduce our food, water and plastic use. By refusing to shop for unethical, unsustainable and single-origin products, and instead buying durable and reusable packaging, we can all stop feeding the beast until it starves or drastically changes its behaviour.