The nature of non-pre-packed foods in a small business has sadly a limited customer range. We regret to say that it is more likely that the majority of allergens will be present within the shop environment. 

However, we do everything that we can to eliminate the presence of these allergens or allergen contaminated products by separating them from non-allergen ones.  Cross-contamination is prevented by using Chlorinated Alkaline Detergents (CAD) which is the most effective agent for removing proteins and their residues. We use different scoops for all the allergens and to eliminate contamination, we ask customers to start their shopping at the non-allergens section. We keep the allergen-containing products as separate as possible in the store, however not in a self-contained area.

We state any allergens present in products or traces, that have been notified by our suppliers, on our dispensers and on the label that you can print after weighing. If you have a minor allergy, please communicate your circumstances with us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, if you suffer from life-threatening allergies, sadly, we can not recommend you shop with us. If you or someone you are cooking for has a severe allergy, please bear this in mind and do speak to us prior to your shopping. 


We take a food hygiene very seriously and all product dispensers, utensils, and containers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between batches.

When bringing your own containers, please ensure they are cleaned thoroughly and made from durable material that is fit for purpose. We do not take responsibility for spoiled products caused by damaged or unclean containers, and after it left our dispensers. Therefore, containers must be completely dry before refilling and we would recommend using glass material to prevent bacterial growth, which can also reduce the shelf-life of products.

Unfortunately, after products have entered a customer’s container, they cannot be put back into our dispensers due to the risk of cross-contamination. We kindly request that you purchase anything you dispense and keep that in mind when visiting our shop. If you are visiting us for the first time, we will be delighted to give you a hand with dispensing. 

All of our loose products that can be weighed will have full traceability of our batch numbers, best before dates, ingredients and allergens on our products. Any cleaning products must be dispensed only in containers that are made for those specific products. Ingredients list and hazard warning will be printed on the labels after they have been weighed.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!