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How To....

...cook your loose items

Shopping at the Zero Waste shop shouldn't be difficult, intimidating nor confusing! But.. majority of products come not pre-packed with instructions, so what do you do with stuff that you have never cooked before? 

Image by Heather McKean
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A Pasta Hacks That Will Transport You to Rome And More..

choose as many as you like from our tested and verified recipes. This will often change so if you like something very much, copy & paste to your notes! 

Boy and Dog Eating Pasta
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Make your own superfood breakfast 

Weather it's a low sugar granola, omelettes, plant based spreads on sourdough, we've got it covered! get inspired and plan ahead.. 

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Creative Lunch Ideas for the Veggie Lovers, Warming Soups And Bespoke Sandwiches 

Get your daily greens in in style and with enthusiasm 

Avocado Sandwich
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Indian Dish