Trace-Less is the first zero-waste shop of its kind in Torquay. I believe that buying plastic-free and ethical food should be available to everyone and shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg. I try to price-match products as closely as possible to large supermarket chains to satisfy a wide range of customers from all backgrounds, and I am proud and confident to say that you will find many items cheaper here than in a majority of large supermarkets. I hope to achieve this by working with suppliers who source their goods primarily from Fairtrade and sustainable producers and, where possible, selling in large bulk using plastic-free containers. My apologies if I am unable to provide you with some specific items, however, this is likely because they are yet not produced in a sustainable way.


A fantastic advantage of buying in the Weigh & Save form is that you can buy as much or as little as you need, allowing you to save money and reduce your food waste, which has an incredible impact on climate change. This includes not only dry foods but also toiletries and cleaning products, with a new option of fresh produce in form of veg boxes and locally baked Sourdough bread.

the shop will be opened to the general public following easing of restrictions, for the time being, we are offering curb-side Click & Collect or deliveries straight to your door. These are running on the same or next day Monday-Saturday. This is a great opportunity for those who are shielding also outside the lockdown period. For more details find information at the checkout (you don't have to make a payment to see this!). when 'things are back to normal' and you decide to come and visit us, you have an opportunity to bring your own containers and load them with whatever you like and only pay for what you need. Just make sure you weigh your containers before filling. Simple!

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

So, how does it work? 


Outside the lockdown: You can come to the shop where you can bring your container, use paper bags provided, or purchase jars at the shop. You weigh your container and note the weight down (very important), then just fill it with whatever you like, bring it to the till and pay! It's super easy and it will save you a lot of money, waste, cupboard space and rubbish from single-use plastic! 


....Or place your order online or over the phone (07972 852 853) When using a website, In order to confirm the delivery, you will need to proceed to checkout and pay using your PayPal, debit card, or credit card. If you prefer our Click & Collect service, this can be paid at the door as well in form of cash or card. if you prefer to pay at the door, please give us a ring to place your order and we can take card payment by sending you a simple link over the text message.

In the product section, you can browse for what you would like to buy, then choose the weight of the desired product, and a price will be automatically recalculated for you. The prices shown are per 100g/3.5oz of a product; to give you an idea, that’s about half a cup of rice or one main meal serving portion per person, it is also rough equivalent to a 100ml of liquid product. Remember this when picking spices as they are listed per 10g and you don’t need a lot, around 30g should be more than enough to last you a little while.

Your order will be carefully weighed and placed in clean brown paper bags using hand sanitiser before preparing your order. These will be put into large paper bags and left outside your house.

But don't worry, we'll organise this with your prior to coming over.   


 If you have ordered liquids, they can be filled from the back of the car, providing you can supply clean containers on the delivery. These measures ARE NECESSARY to protect ourselves and each other, so please do follow these rules. I’m deeply grateful for your patience and cooperation!

Last, but not least... Why is plastic-free shopping so important? At glance, plastic contamination can have a wide range of negative impacts on the natural environment and has been extensively documented in marine life. This includes many species that are important in commercial fisheries, maritime industries and infrastructure. This can affect human wellbeing, too, as toxic plastic particles find their way into the food chain.


A lack of action to prevent this damage to the environment will mean that current trends continue and escalate over time. Furthermore, plastic is derived from fossil fuels, the burning of which directly impacts climate change, leaving behind a massive carbon footprint. Reducing your waste and supporting local businesses can be a powerful first step in fighting these unwanted and unnecessary trends.

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