Marinara Garlic Pasta Sauce 350g

Marinara Garlic Pasta Sauce 350g

The classic marinara recipe originates from Naples and is famous for its generous amount of fresh garlic. This Sicilian recipe is true to style with the perfect balance of tasty tomatoes, fresh Italian herbs and of course top quality organic garlic cloves.

This chunky pasta sauce is made using naturally sun sweetened Italian tomatoes and Sicilian extra virgin olive oil from an award winning mill.

Cooked in the traditional Italian way without starch thickeners, sugar or flavour enhancers, we think this high quality sauce has that delicious garlic-y taste we all look for in a marinara recipe.

Chopped & Sieved Tomatoes* (Italian Origin) (92%), Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Garlic* (2%), Sea Salt, Basil*, Parsley*, Oregano*.
*Organic Ingredient.

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