No.1 Colombian Coffee Beans (strength 3) Single Origin 100g

No.1 Colombian Coffee Beans (strength 3) Single Origin 100g

VARIETAL | Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
PROCESS | Fully Washed
ELEVATION | 750-1600m

Notes- hazelnut and dark chocolate.
No.1 Colombia Organic Sierra Nevada is produced by just 78 family growers, located within the isolated Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta coastal mountain range in Northern Colombia’s Magdalena Department. Their co-op, The CooAgroNevada, also known as The Cooperative of Sierra Nevada and Santa Marta Coffee Growers and Farmers, unites these coffee growing families from 19 different villages with the combined goals to improve social welfare, economic growth, quality of coffee and eco-tourism while preserving the region’s picturesque peaks, rivers and valleys.

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