No.1 Nicaragua Coffee Beans (Strength 4)Single Origin 100g

No.1 Nicaragua Coffee Beans (Strength 4)Single Origin 100g

Notes-Caramel, Sugar Browning, Dry Plum Acidity, Cherry Liqueur

VARIETAL | Pacamara
PROCESS | Fully Washed
ELEVATION | 1100 - 1700 MASL
Finca Las Nubes is located in Dipilto, in Nueva Segovia Department on the border with Honduras. The fertile soils, plenty of rain and rivers make this area geographically perfect for growing coffee.The farm has a long and turbulent history, like many in Nicaragua. Re-possessed by the government in the 1980’s, and finally returned to the owners to be revived and dedicated to the production of high quality coffee. The farm has about 25 blocks planted with coffee, which are in production and a further 30 acres of protected virgin forest, and produces a variety of hybrid and catimore varietals.

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