Hellenic Sun Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100g

Hellenic Sun Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100g

Produced in Crete from indigenous Koroneiki olives. The high quality of Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is widely acknowledged, and this superb oil certainly lives up to the reputation. It is characterised by its extremely low acidity and exceptional flavour and fragrance, which result from the island’s fertile soils, dry climate, and high level of sunshine.
The Extra Virgin classification means that the oil has been extracted solely by mechanical means, without applied heat or chemical solvents. This preserves the nutritional value and the delicate flavour and aroma and guarantees a superior taste. This product is lightly infused with bay leaf to be available to dispense by EU law.

REFILLABLE - THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT COME WITH BOTTLE, PLEASE EITHER BRING YOUR OWN FOR CLICK AND COLLECT OR HAVE ONE PROVIDED AT THE DELIVERY (to maintain safe distance, please have it ready by your door and we will happily refill it from the back of the car)

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