Happy Veganuary! 

Welcome to our seasonal recipes tab.


Here you'll find some extra recipes to mix your meal planner. We hope you'll get inspired by our selection picked from an incredibly useful app - Yummly, which allows you to create your shopping list and also add your favorite into groups. Unfortunately, the app hasn't got a meal plan feature available to the UK region, however, this does not stop you to create your own with saved recipes that you can alter whenever you like. If you have any dietary preferences, you can select these and the app will only generate recipes tailored to your needs. As with any recipe, remember, you do not need to stick to the exact ingredients list and the vast majority has perfect substitutes out there! Whether it is switching from meat to tofu, or dairy to chickpea or oat milk, or from parmesan cheese to nutritional yeast, the world is your oyster. Use a search engine such as Ecosia (an eco-friendly search engine that plants a tree for you!) to find what you can use instead. 

Always consult your diet with a health professional. 

Bon Appetit!